Gypsy Alibi - Album of the year - Texas Music Awards 2011


Bob Livingston posing with guitar. Singer-songwriter BOB LIVINGSTON has never been a traditional Texas country musician living the honky-tonk life, even though he's spent more than his share of time on the roadhouse circuit with some of the most colorful musicians in Texas. As a member of Austin’s legendary Lost Gonzo Band, performing and recording with such musical visionaries as Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Martin Murphey and Ray Wylie Hubbard, Livingston played an integral role in creating the music that first earned Austin the designation of 'Live Music Capital of the World'. Achieving recognition in their own right, the Gonzos’ self-titled debut record was named by 'Rolling Stone', "one of the best albums ever to come out of Austin".

Livingston has seen a lot of the world since growing up in musically fertile West Texas. Hailing originally from Lubbock, his interests were more 'Cosmic' than 'Cowboy' and have prompted him to delve into the music and mysteries of many cultures. Traveling since the 80’s as a Music Ambassador for the US State Department, Livingston has taken Texas music as far afield as India, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, demonstrating again and again the unique power that music has to build bridges between peoples of the world. As Livingston says, 'When all else fails, music prevails'. This philosophy earned him the honor of being appointed, 'Austin’s International Music Ambassador', in November of 2009 by the City Council.

This world-traveled view was reflected in Livingston's 2004 CD, 'Mahatma Gandhi & Sitting Bull', released on Vireo Records and named in the Austin American-Statesman's "Top 10 List." In 2008, Vireo released a compilation called, 'Original Spirit', that includes 'Gandhi & Bull' in its entirety and several more surprise tracks from Livingston's Lost Gonzo Band days. But it's his new CD, 'Gypsy Alibi', that is defining Livingston's new musical direction. Released in 2011 on New Wilderness Records, 'Gypsy Alibi' is co-produced by Lloyd Maines and is the winner of the "Album of the Year" at the Texas Music Awards 2011. It has more of a folk-rock/Americana spirit than his last outing and is enjoying steady radio airplay around the country and abroad. Listen to "Ruby's Shoes, "Country Western Swing," and "Androids Lament."

In a side project, Livingston plays with a multi-cultural band from Texas and India called Cowboys & Indians supported by the Texas Commission on the Arts and the City of Austin's Cultural Arts Division. They play in schools and theaters all over Texas. Livingston is turning the concept into a full-fledged musical play with Houston playright/songwriter, Bobby Bridger. The First Performances are scheduled for Summer 2014.

In a live performance with Bob Livingston, one finds a veteran singer-songwriter and a master storyteller who captures his audience from the first notes played. It's an irresistible invitation to travel down the cosmic musical highways and rutted back country roads where fate has taken him over the years.

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A Few Words of Support:

Co-produced by Livingston and Lloyd Maines (with most of the usual suspect Austin session pros associated with both men present and accounted for), Gypsy Alibi covers as much stylistic ground both its title and Bob’s freewheeling background would suggest.

--Richard Skanse, Lone Star Music Magazine, 3/1/11


From “Ruby’s Shoes” to the infectious Rockabilly Groove of “Middle Ages Rockabilly Blues” to the title track “Gypsy Alibi” - there ain’t a runt in the litter. Some artists transcend the mundane with pure Genius – Bob Livingston is one of those artists.

-- Chris Harkness, No Depression 2/4/11


Anchored by his warmly supple and durable voice, Livingston’s performances are almost universally melodic and appealing, ranging as they do from Western swing to atmospheric, Norah Jones-style balladry to singalong pop to a gently swinging folk laments & yodeling cowboy music.

-- John T. Davis, Austin American Statesman 1/27/11


Gypsy Alibi wanders the realms and far-flung generas of Texas music with disarming ease and whimsy, navigated by his beautifully crafted, world music-inspired songwriting. Even the gypsy cabaret of the title track is rife with a cast of characters who might otherwise Tom Waits or Randy Newman’s tunes but have their fortunes told Livingston-style.

-- Margaret Moser, Austin Chronicle 2/17/11"



Bob Livingston: A Partial Discography


Bob Livingston CDs

  • Waking Up  (Wilderness); 1981
  • Signs Of Life  (Wilderness); 1988
  • Open The Window (Gentle Wind); 1996
  • Mahatma Gandhi & Sitting Bull (Vireo); 2003
  • Everything Is All Right (TMI); 2004
  • Original Spirit (Vireo) 2006
  • Gypsy Alibi (New Wilderness Records); 2011


With The Lost Gonzo Band

  • The Lost Gonzo Band (MCA); 1972
  • Thrills (MCA); 1976
  • Signs Of Life (Capitol); 1978
  • Rendezvous (Vireo); 1991
  • Hands Of Time (Vireo); 1995
  • Dead Armadillos (Demon/Edsel); 1998


With Jerry Jeff Walker

  • Jerry Jeff Walker (MCA); 1972
  • Viva Terlingua! (MCA); 1973
  • Walker’s Collectibles (MCA); 1974
  • Ridin’ High (MCA); 1975
  • It’s A Good Night For Singin’ (MCA); 1976
  • A Man Must Carry On (MCA); 1977
  • Great Gonzos (MCA); 1991
  • Gypsey Songman  (Tried ‘n True); 1986)
  • Navaho Rug (Rycodisk); 1991
  • Hill Country Rain (Rycodisk); 1992
  • Viva Lukenbach (Rycodisk); 1993
  • Christmas Gonzo Style (Rycodisk); 1994
  • Night After Night (Tried ‘n True); 1995
  • Scamp (Tried ‘n True); 1996
  • Cowboy Boots and Bathing Suits (Tried ‘n True); 1997
  • Lone Wolf: The Best of Jerry Jeff Walker (1998)
  • Gypsey Songman (Tried ‘n True); 1999
  • Gonzo Stew (Tried ‘n True); 2001
  • Jerry Jeff Walker Too Old To Change (2003)


With Michael Martin Murphey

  • Geronimo’s Cadillac (A&M); 1972
  • Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir (A&M); 1973


Best of the Rest...

  • Ray Wiley Hubbard: Something About The Night (Renegade); 1979
  • Ray Wylie Hubbard Loco Gringos Lament (1994)
  • Steven Fromholtz: Steven Fromholtz (Capitol); 1977
  • Steven Fromholtz: Frommox II 1982
  • Bobby Bridger: Seekers Of The Fleece (Golden Egg); 1975
  • Bobby Bridger: Ballad Of The West (Golden Egg); 2001
  • Bobby Bridger: Complete Works (Golden Egg); 2004
  • Terry Allen:  The Moral Minority (Fate); 1995
  • Pat Green: Carry On (Universal) 2000
  • Pat Green: Three Days (Universal); 2001
  • Peter Caulton: Hard Road Tough Country (1998)
  • Pat Green: Carry On (2001)
  • Cory Morrow: Outside the Lines (2002)
  • Mark David Manders Highs and Lows (2002)
  • Owen Temple: General Store (2002)
  • Larry Joe Taylor: Heart of the Matter (2000)
  • Various Artists Kerrville Folk Festival: Early Years 1972-1981
  • Various Artists Stranger Than Fiction (1999)
  • Bill Oliver: Texas Oasis 1980 (Live Oak)
  • Bill Oliver: Better Things To Do 1986 (Live Oak)
  • Bill Oliver: Audubon Adventures  1987 (Live Oak)
  • Bill Oliver: Have To Have A Habitat 1995 (Live Oak)
  • Bill Oliver: Friend of the River 2001 (Live Oak)
  • Butch Hancock: Own & Own (1989)
  • Butch Hancock: Own the Way Over Here (1993)
  • Gary P. Nunn: Under My Hat (1996)
  • Chris Wall: Cowboy Nation (1999)


A three framed film strip showing Bob performing onstage in front of a red curtain. Bob Livingston
  in Bangladesh, dressed in traditional cowboy clothes and playing a guitar, sits with two men other men who are playing sitars.

A three framed film strip showing Bob performing onstage in front of a red curtain.