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Cowboys & Indians Discover America!

You may think you know what veteran Texas musician Bob Livingston is up to, but COWBOYS & INDIANS defies expectations at every turn. Unlike the children’s game, these cowboys and Indians are allies, not enemies, and the Indians come from India, not the Wild West. Livingston got the idea for the group while he was in India for a U.S. State Department cultural exchange tour. Local musicians, using their indigenous instruments, sat in almost every night. Everyone mixed themes, influences, rhythms, instrumentation, and insights from both East and West. They played songs & yodels from Texas and ragas & chants from India. A newspaper in New Delhi called it “country 'n eastern music” and “the Wild East!”

Inspired by these experiences, Livingston wanted to take the sounds and charm of the Indian shows back to Texas. He got together with an old songwriting friend, Bobby Bridger and they wrote new songs and tossed around ideas for a show in Texas schools and theaters. The concept for COWBOYS & INDIANS began to take shape and some great musicians, drawn from the vibrant Austin international musical community, joined up.

The COWBOYS & INDIANS play in theaters, clubs, schools and other venues throughout Texas. Over 35,000 students in Texas have seen the show. Livingston and Bridger are developing the show into a full fledged musical and plan to present it sometime this year at a local Austin theater. This unique combination of eastern & western music and lore is a cultural sharing experience: guitars and sitars, incense and cactus, boots & bare feet, Mahatma Gandhi & Sitting Bull meet Buddy Holly & Ravi Shankar!

Cowboys and Indians performing at the Imagination Celebration at the Kennedy Center.

Check out video of the Cowboys & Indians Live!

Bob Livingston as seen from the stage in front of an audience of smiling children.

COWBOYS & INDIANS is funded in part by the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division

& a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts

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Cowboys and Indians on stage

One World Theater 2006

Bob Livingston: vocals & guitar, Oliver Rajamani: tabla & vocals
Richard Bowden: violin & vocals, Tucker Livingston: vocals & guitar, Glen Fukunaga: bass, John Inmon: guitar-sitar & vocals
Paul Pearcy: percussion, vocals & inspirational rhythms
and Anu Naimpally: bharatnatyam dance, percussion & vocals


Words of support...

"Unity, brotherhood and the love of music across the world was received with open arms at Travis High School today!”
--Pam McAnally - Travis HS, Austin, Texas

“I strongly support the inter-cultural emphasis of the work of Mr. Bob Livingston. His contributions to inter-ethnic understanding and appreciation are profound. This opportunity to experience South Asia through comparative musical genres is a delightful and rare opportunity.”
--Yvette C. Rosser - UT Outreach Asia

“Providing this cultural education gives our children a valuable perspective of international and cross-cultural relationships and their role in a global society."
--Governor Ann W. Richards - Austin, Texas

“Cowboys & Indians is an outstanding, entertaining musical act with wide-ranging, special appeal to audiences of many kinds, young and old.”
--Douglas Shea, Event Coordinator Auditorium on Waller Creek

"Me gusta el sombrerito de el que tocaba el violin. Estaba bonito. Y tambien me gusta como gritaban yodel."
--Lilia Idania Anaya Hernandez - Menendez Middle School

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